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crafter n : a creator of great skill in the manual arts; "the jewelry was made by internationally famous craftsmen" [syn: craftsman]

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Crafter is the international division of Sung-Eum music Co Ltd. It is a manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars.


Founded by Hyun Kwon Park in April of 1972, the first "factory" of Sung-Eum music Co Ltd. was in Hyun's own basement. During this so called "early period," they produced classical guitars for the Korean market. As the company grew, they moved from the basement to a factory in Seoul, eventually moving to their present headquarters in Yangju-gun. to appeal to a more international market, Hyun started to produce acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars. However, the company struggled against the more established Western and Japanese names in this market. In 1986, Jae Park, Hyun's eldest son, joined the company and took direct control of the guitar manufacturing while Hyun stayed on as chairman. Jae changed the international name to "Crafter," as he felt this was a more memorable name which conveyed a certain sense of craftsmanship. They now produce acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electric guitars.

Guitar lines

Acoustic guitars

  • SA
  • PK, WS
  • TB, ML
  • DV, TV
  • D
  • DE
  • GA
  • GAE
  • FE, T
  • TR, TA, JM
  • JE, J, 648
  • 698
  • TD, TGAE
  • American
  • C, CE, SN, US
  • 12 Strings
  • Bass
  • GCL
  • TRV
  • CT, CTS
  • SEG, FEG
  • FX
  • FSG
  • M
  • EG
  • MD, ED

Electric guitars

  • County
  • Crown
  • Convoy
  • Constantine
  • Congress
  • Centaur
  • Cube

Cruiser guitars

  • ST
  • TC-250
  • CJ
  • CJR
  • CSR
  • RG
  • RV
  • RE
  • LJ, LS, LC
  • JB-450
  • CX, RX
  • cruiser


  • Crafters main importer is the United Kingdom with over 10,000 units being shipped as of 2002.
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